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A desktop application with Adobe AIR for scanning documents on Mac OS X

Even though we’re specialized in web development, we like new challenges. One of our client asked if we could build a desktop application for sales agents. Agents need to scan images, also add several information using a form and submit the data when Internet connection is available. Even though it sounds easy, it can be a [...]

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MySQL – limitations you never heard of

We all know MySQL has its limits – it works fine in general, but has its weaknesses too. The authors of MySQL Performance blog started a miniseries about such limitations for experienced users. Okay, I guess you know there’s no way to create fulltext index on InnoDB tables – but bid you know, that MySQL [...]

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Ask git to check if your code is error free!

How about syntax checking your work before issuing a commit? I’m sure you know how it feels when those tiny last minute changes - hey it needs no testing! – just break your app after deployment. If git is your version control system of choice, make sure you don’t miss the pre-commit hook feature, which was [...]

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