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Just as the aims of being present on the internet differ so does the appearance of this particular presence – from the simple static design, through the contents editable by the customer, to the complex services and portals anything can appear on the internet. Our solutions, depending on the demands of our customers, emphasize different elements – in the case of a content-centred product the main emphasis falls on the content maintenance system, while in the case of a CRM system content maintenance only complements the wide-ranging functionality and communication. We have a store of ideas ready for you to jointly develop your concept – our counselling services help you the most in such cases.

Database publication, community portals, web 2.0 solutions, interactivity, marketing support, e-business… We could almost endlessly enumerate our accomplishments in the world of online media, our experience gained through our work guarantees the best possible solution for you.

if performance is what you are looking for

Our experience and up to date technical knowledge helped us to develop online solutions which can withstand highly rates of traffic, and perform excellently even with millions of hits per day. On this level it is not enough to experiment by choosing the best solutions but needs the synchronized engineering of professionals to create the perfectly co-operating hardware and software system which ensures a stable and scalable infrastructure.

The performance of a sport car and an airplane cannot be simply compared, just as an all-round purpose top of the art system cannot be developed – after all the goals and practices lead towards individual solutions. In the case of such challenges we take the following steps: