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marketing and communication systems marketing and communication systems

online marketing counselling

The use of banner campaigns, search-marketing, the creation of search optimized pages, tracking and statistics – applying the right combination of the different passive and active tools can predicate that your sites reach their target group.

eDM solutions

It is a pleasure to enumerate the arguments for electronic direct marketing: exceptional cost effectiveness, accurate aiming and high response rate – everything that is hard to achieve off-line works very well in the online media. In order to help our clients to deliver their marketing messages we offer the following services:

online virusmarketing solutions

How can you get through a campaign in a short time and with high conversion rates? It is simple: all you need is an effective virusmarketing campaign, thanks to which a very high rate of possible new visitors and/or customers can turn up from the accessible millions of net-users. Our technical background and experience from previous campaigns can help you to plan and organize such campaigns.

CRM systems

Thinking about building a CRM system means more in the life of a company than the simple use of marketing tools: this approach proves that for us our clients and customers are the most important. Therefore we would like to help our partners with custom-made CRM systems that serve the building of an effective, conscious communication – which can provide the means for tracking all presales, sales and aftersales activities and addressing the clients and partners.

Our CRM systems offer you the possibility of an integrated partner database, e-mail, newsletter or form-letter sending, automated notification and customized communication. The concept developed at the planning phase of the CRM system can even give you the possibility to integrate certain parts of the system into your already existing websites.