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How to choose a content management system (CMS)? How to choose a content management system (CMS)?

There are a multitude of CMS (content management system) solutions out there with different philosophy behind. There are open source CMSes with many optional addons (Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla); projects lead by small developer groups made for the needs of small communities; there are discontinued CMSes and ofcourse all the web developer companies has their own range of solutions too.

There are more than one good choices, depending on our needs and facilities. Looking for the best CMS, or the one doing its job fine is enough? Give complex content editing tasks to experienced and patient workmates in an advanced, technically challenging yet jack-of-all-trades editor - or solve daily tasks with a single click, and feel safer with a user friendly CMS? There's also the price: don't forget though that choosing a CMS also comes with a provider with a yet unknown level of experience and professionalism. It's also the income that motivates the provider to fulfil a successful project.

As we're playing in this very league, building websites, community and media portals, complex softwares and special applications, we're following the CMS industry to keep up with our own CMS. Let's see what are the differences between CMS-es: