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SAP webshop SAP webshop

We've teamed up with one of our SAP and Oracle expert partners to create an SAP based webshop to fulfil the needs of clients. Thanks to the clear specification the result is a highly customizable ready-to-use ecommerce platform based on SAP SBO (SAP Business One).

The webshop does support both B2B and B2C channels: access for partners is created in SAP, meanwhile customers are directed to the self registration. There is detailed order history for SAP and webshop based orders with status tracking, a similar module provides overview of invoices. The webshop does perform well and remains fast and efficient even if the pricing mechanism behind is complex, which is not an unusual scenario in ecommerce. Beyond product details the system also provides stock level information when needed.

The navigation of the webshop is based on product groups accompanied by detailed search options and cart based shopping. When an order is placed, automatic notifications and receipts are sent out in e-mail. The orders are then transferred to SAP where they get processed the usual way.

The technology behind the webshop also worths mentioning, as the webshop supports not only the Microsoft SQL Server database but also the open source and freely available PostgreSQL. The communication and synchronization between the two database systems is handled by a special interface, which after all allows us to provide competitive licensing fees compared to other solutions.