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The community portal is one of our latest and most complex projects - and we're proud of it. We've made our best to fulfil the needs of the visitors, this philosophy led us from the very first moment.

Being a new player in the race of community portals we've raised the limits: the portal has very wide range of features, including several rarely used fancy ones.

In the target audience are 18-30 years old young adults, being active internet users, most of them holding some degree. As these visitors already got used to the features of the internet during their education, we've decided to armor the site with features of such user level, and to keep their interest by adding new features continously.

To win the visitors we've introduced a very high level graphic design. Building a site with such design is a tough challenge, where providing maximum accessibility is a concern: we've spent many time to make compatible with Internet Explorer 6, which is still in use by many visitors despite the fact that it was made in 2001 (!) and is full of bugs.

There are even complex though still easy-to-use features in, handling groups being the largest. The group feature provides a perfect infrastructure for entire communities to meet, share and interact.

The portal introduces loads of up-to-date technologies: