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We got to know the project while it was still just an idea: we took part in developing the basic concept of the online travel agency. In the counselling phase we helped our client to plan the functionality of the online agency and also helped in the fields of visual design, marketing and search engine optimization – through the emerging common understanding did we base our development.

The core of the services, available for the customers, are the ability to quickly and efficiently find the right accommodation for their holidays, the possibility to get to know this accommodation through written description and photo galleries, and last but not least book the accommodation as simply as possible but still in appropriate detail with precisely calculated prices. Besides the elegant appearance and necessary functions it worth to mention the multilingual support – presently the site operates in three languages but this can be widened at will without making serious modifications in the software operating the site, which is the result of the farsighted designing.

The real challenge however was not the user interface but the development of the background system. Even though the basis of the system is a complex and multifaceted business logic, still this should not be observable on the user interface but on the administrative side the system should offer a comfortable, rich in function and effective interface for the full-fledged management opportunities. The work of the employees behind the project – the helpdesk, the content maintenance team, the network of agents contracting the accommodation providers and the administrators – is held together by our development, so instead of a simple booking site we created the complex management system of a travel agency.

For the everyday administration the system relies on the following information:

Of course the launch of the site was a big step for the enterprise, after all, our customer faced a new challenge with prepared employees but with so far untested processes. The critical question at this point is how will the customers find the new website? The answer for that problem laid partly in the search engine optimized site structure which helps the site to climb up in the search engines, but the online marketing played a crucial role in which we also helped the team of

The company was start up successfully, thanks to the well organized work, and the prudentially designed system this continuously developing enterprise performs perfectly in comparison with its competitors.